What is the Backtoschoolkits.ca program?

Back to School Kits allow teachers to create an approved list of school supplies that their students will use in the coming year. Parents can then shop with confidence, knowing their children will start the year off with the right supplies, from a local supplier.

How do parents benefit from this program?

The kits save you the hassle of shopping in stores full of people in the busy back to school period, the kits are 10% cheaper than regular retail prices, buying these kits financially supports your school PAC.

How do schools benefit from this program?

The kits are 100% customizable by the teachers. This allows them to curate the supplies that their students need throughout the school year. A portion of the sale of each kit also financially supports the PAC.

Are there shipping charges associated with the Backtoschoolkits program?

There is no cost for the delivery of the kit to the school.

Can I pick up my kit prior to school starting?

Arrangements can be made for this, contact your local Mills location.

When will the kit be delivered to the school?

Before the start of the school year.

When can I order?

The order window will be open at the end of the school year in June and will be active for 2-3 weeks to accept orders.

Can I get a refund if I do not need this kit by the time September rolls around?

Absolutely, just contact your local Mills location.

Why use this service?

Back to School Kits is a service provided by Mills, we are a local British Columbia business, environmentally responsible and family owned, we all live, work and play in the same communities as you, all of the money spent with us stays in BC.